Free your mind and feel more PLAYFULLY ALIVE

PLAY from the bedroom to the boardroom

(re)Invention begins here!

Break the pattern of lies your brain is telling you

and become who your heart truly desires .

You've worked hard to create "the perfect life."  You've checked all the "right" boxes, and done all the right things, but still find yourself feeling unfulfilled, disappointed, and even a little - a lot - crushed inside.

I have been there. It is f**king soul-crushing!

I was in a loving marriage, had a big corporate salary, houses, and fancy cars. On the outside my life was envious. I had literally become the man of my own dreams! I truly had the "stuff"...though inside I was not happy and desperately knew there was more to life.

I had achieved the "American Dream" and felt empty, anxious, and overwhelmed. I had very little purpose in life but to work hard/play hard.

And if I am being even more vulnerable and honest, I also felt shame and guilty for wanting more in life while also thinking I should be able to "fix" my life all on my own.

You know that there MUST be more to life.
That YOU could be
So Much More!

Are you ready to create a world of playful aliveness, full of fun, flow, and fulfillment to support you to (re)discover your heart’s desire and take inspired action to create and live an abundant life you love?

Take the first step and sign up for my PLAY and Purpose Method (re)discovery conversation.

In this conversation, you will have the opportunity to:

  • get clear about what you truly want
  • get clear about what is keeping you stuck (the real reasons your ego and brain hide from you)
  • create a clear, inspiring, and achievable action plan and next steps that will have you moving forward and creating what you desire
Let's set up a Play and Purpose conversation now!

You are not alone...

"My life before working with Daniel, I felt stagnant and like I was on auto-pilot with the way I moved around in the world - unable to break a cycle that was getting me nowhere. You always were simultaneously warm, understanding, and safe feeling while also pushing boundaries and going into what could be uncomfortable conversations. I can see more clearly where I want to be and how I can get there in a real way instead of getting lost in an abstracted vision." ~James L - IT Manager

HI, I am Daniel.
I was probably a lot like you.

I now support people - maybe just like you - whose lives might look great on paper on the outside, but inside are lost. In their hearts, they are terrified that their life may have no real meaning beyond outside “successes

Clients would tell you that I am highly skilled at empowering people to create new awarenesses that have them releasing the past, breaking the habits, self-doubt, and fears that have been keeping them stuck, rewiring their brains, and rewriting the old stories of not being enough so that that they finally create and live an abundant life they love.

People are attracted to my PLAYFUL ALIVENESS; my sparkling (glittery) energy inside and out.

I have walked the walk so know that we can have the talk. ❤️

I am a Play & Purpose Coach
and 100% in the New Possibilities Business.

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