Are you ready to stop working so hard and finally be fulfilled and happy with who you are?

The first step is to have a Play & Purpose Method conversation with me so that we can get you being that free, fun, and fulfilled person that you desire ASAP!

Clients will tell you to partner with me if you:

  • are ready to release the past dramas, triggering emotional leaks, and stories that no longer support your desired life
  • want to quiet those lies your mind keeps telling you
  • desire to find the peace, clarity, aliveness, play, and joy that support you to break through any circumstances that come in your life
  • want to have the greatest champion for you creating the life you love with the accountability and support to breathe life back into your soul and set it alight
  • can not wait to create a clear and empowered vision of who you are at your core positive essence in the world
  • are finally ready to love yourself wholly, completely, and absolutely!

"Daniel is such a huge glittery, loving, sparkly, incredible GIFT! It was very grounding for me, it helped me clarify a lot of what was going on in my life, make some big plans to move forward, and take big steps to shift my mood, my confidence, and my overall well-being. Stepping deeper into who I am, not wavering on how I show up and what I can bring.” ~ Katie D - Somatic Coach and Mediator